10 Swim Workouts

Challenging Training Sessions for
Endurance Athletes

Build endurance and speed for
Olympic and Ironman 70.3 distances

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10 Swim Workouts


Do you want to be more confident in the pool & stronger in your tri?

In these FREE workouts you’ll get professional training from expert tri coach Brad Haags to help you build up pace, endurance and speed, all in the lap pool, ready for the open waters.

The ten workouts come as a solution to solo (or group) training, while also keeping things fresh and effective!

  • Olympic to Half Ironman workouts
  • Workouts range from 1400 - 2800 meters

We partnered with tri coach Brad Haags, from Haags Athletics and designed these challenges to:

  • Build your fitness progressively
  • Focus you on your goal race
  • Add variety and fun to your workouts

Are you ready to go the distance in the pool?

Download your swim workout ebook today!  Written exclusively for triathletes to build your endurance, strength and confidence.

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* Benefit from workouts used by elite athletes
* Reach peak performance
* Enjoy pool training!