Half Ironman Coaching for Women by Women!
Poppy Sports Takes It All Online!

Ladies, are you ready to bring your half Ironman life into balance and reach race day without feeling overwhelmed?

With help from POPPY sports, we can make this happen! 

As you mentor, we'll get YOU to the start line and the finish line.  

First, we'll walk you through discovering your 'why' through our unique goal setting process.

Next, you'll create your own personal vision board before starting on our pro 16 week program designed to get there physically AND mentally.  

Here's How We'll Help You
  • Access to a realistic day-by-day 16 week training program, via Training Peaks online or printable version.
  • Six more video modules covering nutrition, juggling family, injuries, and mental preparation.
  • Worksheets, recipes, motivation for off season preparation; you'll start training READY.
  • Vision boarding and mental training. Learn from the pros.
  • Podcasts, online hangouts to keep you part of our team. We know you're busy, so we've taken it all online!
  • Private Facebook Group - drop in on YOUR schedule. Exclusive perks available to our 70.3 clan members!
  • 2015 will be my first half Ironman. I am ready to take on a new distance, and the training plan looks REALLY achievable.”

    Bonnie Glover

    55-59 Age Group
  • As a seasoned triathlete, I am looking for something new, bring it on!”

    Lori Pacheco

    45-49 Age Group
  • I am so ready to take on Ironman 70.3 and I know I have a fighting chance with this online training and community."

    Lara Burchfield

    30-34 Age Group
  • Two children later, I am ready for a new challenge.  Being all online, I can tap into the training on my time, with clear goals to help me balance my life!

    Megan Sommer

    35-39 Age Group
  • As course creator, I am so proud of what we have done to recognize the REAL challenges women face when training for endurance.”

    Melanie Mitchell

    40-44 Age Group

Melanie Mitchell

Teresa Rider

About the Team

Throughout the training season, Melanie and Teresa are the team behind the Poppy Sports Half Ironman program.

Through strategic planning and relentless execution, Melanie and Teresa have turned their knowledge and skills into a logical, attainable, and fun program that speaks to the reality of the lives of busy women.

Melanie is the vision and voice behind Poppy Sports, founder of the site and community in 2010.  Teresa is a career athlete with many Ironman races and victories under her belt, including age group wins at the Ironman World Championships.

Together the two ladies have shared their knowledge on motivation, training, nutrition and vision so you can reach the finish line well trained and can ENJOY the race day expereience.

Melanie and Teresa are training creators, but what matters most to you is that they are also women who understand how to approach the sport while juggling all life throws at you.

Come join us!